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Feasibility Study of Social Media Presence System

Summary of the Study

The feasibility study will provide an analysis of the current system as well as the new system to be put in place. The reasons as to why the current system needs to be avoided will be highlighted in the project. Additionally, the description of the new system to be adopted will be covered comprehensively. The new system intends to engage the current and potential students and also create a good image for the organization in the minds of the public. The test will also outlay various technological conditions to be put in place in order to realize the success of the project. The project will cover the marketing approaches and strategies. Furthermore, the study will give the risks and issues associated with the implementation of the new project. Lastly, the key findings and the conclusion about the new system will be analyzed. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW           


The ECU school of business intends to develop a system that will ensure its online profile is enhanced and provide easy access to the system by the current students.  The potential students will also be able to access the system through the use of internet immediately they create an account with the system application. Such approaches will enhance the students to access every information they need about the school. Also, they will be able to seek clarification on important issues. It is clear that the current system being employed by the organization is not effective. The new system is expected to enhance profound transformations in the school. Hence the school will not only achieve its developmental agenda but also the goals of effective equipping of the learners will be realized.

Through the use of the new system, the stakeholders will have the capacity to directly access the information required. The issues of concern will as well be communicated as ease. The platform targets at utilizing the technology-oriented system that enhances privacy, interaction and can be accessed whichever the place one is. It will, therefore, reduce physical movements that are a must when accessing most of the services in the school due to the current system in place. The system will ensure that the profile of the organization is maintained by providing room for auditing on how resources are used, giving comments and criticisms over the same.

Problems associated with the current system

Despite the fact that the current system in place (spreadsheet) has the capacity to perform very advanced and complex calculations at ease and with minimum complications, the system is limited to the functionality it has. The spreadsheet cannot be used in maintaining the profile of the organization. When used, the students cannot get access to them at ease, therefore, has less impact on attracting potential students to the school. Additionally, the system in place is vulnerable to fraud such that the organization is likely to have lost billions of dollars due to the fact that spreadsheet can be subjected to alterations through the change of formulas, hence, dragging the organization behind. Such organizations will have few clients leading to the generation of small or no profits. Also, those students who visit the organization may not be interested in what they find thus, they may not motivate the other students to pay a visit to that organization. The spreadsheet is very expensive to purchase and install (Sarka, Jamnik, & Blackwell, 2015). ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW 

The system is susceptible to trivial human errors. It is clear that the utilization of this outdated system by the organization will give room for unnecessary human errors that will drag the school behind. This will lead to little or no positive transformations being realized by the school. The potential future clients of the organization are likely to change their plans for joining the school due to these issues. Organizations, therefore, should ensure that every system that should be adopted be tested first in order to evade such problems. The current system has no room for testing. It is difficult to troubleshoot one’s computer when using the system. This leads to the wastage of times. Spreadsheets are faced with the elements of obstruction to regulatory compliance and not fit for agile business activities that target at transforming the organization through adoption of various organizational strategies. The organization requires a system that can facilitate collaborative tasks. The current system is not designed for that. It cannot be used for collaborative tasks such as forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and planning. The use of spreadsheet leads to poor scales as it is hard to consolidate the system and cannot support quick decision being realized. It is therefore unsuitable for the continuity of the business (Sarka, Jamnik, & Blackwell, 2015).

Description of the new system

The social system to be implemented by the organization is an all-around system that will ensure that the profile of the organization is maintained. Students will also get access to the system in order to understand better, the activities which are carried out in the organization. The system will enhance openness since the aspect of privacy…Continue Reading

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