The Common Core- the Bad

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The Common Core- the Bad

Letter to Editor on Common Core being bad

To the Editor,

There are major problems experienced by people interested in the “Common Core State Education Standards (CCSS)” that is currently being implemented in the US education system. Common core entails prolonged classroom computer testing, changing schools into test-preparation factories other than creating student learning centers and replacing curriculum with expensive new test equipment.


Also, common core data system questions are disturbing and tend to violate family privacy rights.

In the development and implementation of CCSS, no teacher was involved or consulted. Due to advanced testing, classroom personnel has to deal with the dramatic class time reduction.

Additionally, uniform core ignores that teacher-parent meetings and in-class assessments are the most suitable strategies for judging student’s progress. Also, CCSS expects children of the same age to meet similar standards and yet children are different from birth, cultures, and backgrounds.

Further, the disabled are disadvantaged by the uniform core as their needs are not addressed. In this perspective, equality is not encouraged.

Therefore, the government needs to get rid of uniform core. All classroom lessons are no longer under state control, thus taking it out of the hands of those closest to the students. Parents and school teachers need to exercise control over the children more than the local and state governments.


The withdrawal of federal funding to the schools that are non-compliant with core Standards is also wrong. The government should promptly act against this policy.

Common good values should be abolished. I am just an ordinary US citizen who by far is not a Common values expert. However, I believe that common core is bad given the above arguments in the letter. The nation needs to go back to local control mechanisms by abolishing Common Value policies.

Yours Sincerely



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