The IMC Plan Assessment

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The IMC Plan Assessment

The development of a campaign plan will give you a hands-on experience in applying the advertising strategy. The purpose of the project is to encourage students to develop an advertising and promotions campaign for a new product to be marketed in Canada.

The IMC plan

Provide cogent, well-developed rationale for every choice you make. Explain every decision made with justification based on logic or data. Sources should be used, cited in the document, and listed in a bibliography. Charts, tables, and artwork to illustrate should be included.

USE the product you choose to answer FOLLOWING PART OF THE IMC PLAN below

Product name :  New Movements 2.0:


Part A: Marketing Communication Strategy

  1. Positioning Strategy Provide your USP statement as detail as possible.
  2. Advertising Objectives Enlist
  3. clear, measurable and concise advertising objectives

Part B: Creative Plan

  1. Creative Objectives Provide 2 creative objectives based on your USP
  2. Key benefit statement in one sentence summarize your product main benefits
  3. Support Claims Provide data that support your key benefit statement
  4. Creative Strategy Explain clearly your product image, theme, tone and style, appeal techniques and slogan
  5. Creative Execution Elaborate on the delivery style for each type of media


Take a look at the Creative brief  below and use it as a guide in answering PART A and PART B of the IMC PLAN above:

IMC Creative brief

Communications Objectives

  • Communicate the upgrades made to the New Movements 2.0 in contrast to the original design to consumers that are aware of the product but have not yet purchased the product
  • Develop a campaign that evokes a sense of urgency and act of heroism regarding helping to clean up the oceans by investing in the shoes. The IMC Plan Assessment
  • Achieve 95% satisfaction reviews from customers of the new product
  • Create video and/or photo gallery of the collection process of the plastics from the ocean used to create the shoes

Creative Objects

  • To communicate an image or set of images more in line with environmentalist and socially responsible lifestyles
  • To portray the feeling of sustainability and minimalism that comes with wearing shoes made from recycled plastic
  • To communicate an emotional connection between saving the environment and using an eco-conscious product
  • To raise awareness and interest of the product and broaden the target market

Creative Strategy

The strategy is left to the discretion of the agency but it must be in line with the brand’s overall positioning strategy. Lifestyle appeals must reflect an eco-conscious mindset as that is what the brand is centred around. Comparative appeals should focus on the circular Scandinavian style of the show and the materials it is made of. The recommended strategy must be suitable for multiple forms of digital media, as well as print and video broadcast.


Creative Execution

  • Google Search Bar ads
  • Facebook and Instagram accounts/pages + advertisements on both
  • 30-second television spots
  • 4-colour print ads (magazine)


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