Therapeutic Relationship Analysis

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Therapeutic Relationship Analysis

Personality disorder is a form of mental disorder characterized by unhealthy patterns of behavior, thinking, and feelings (Elliott, 2015). People suffering from personality disorders behave in manners that are damaging to relationships, causing families to withdraw from the affected individual. In this case study, Lucy suffers from personality disorder. Her personality disorder was caused by poor upbringing for her father was addicted in the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes. In the case, her father was very abusive and irresponsible to the family. Due to poverty, Lucy engaged in criminal acts of assault, drug trafficking, shop lifting, and breach of peace. To curb her unhealthy behavior, therapeutic relationships between Lucy and therapists have been initiated. Effective application of psychological theories by therapists can help in containing Lucy’s mental health and behavior. This essay summarize Erikson and Sigmund theories in the context of Lucy’s personal disorder and her therapeutic relationships with the therapist to revive her health and behavior.


Erick Erikson’s theory of psychology emphasizes on the importance of developing a positive social behavior for an individual. Sigmund Freud’s psychological theory centers more on basic needs such as developing and maintaining good health for people who suffer from personal or mental disorders (Townsend and Morgan, 2017). In this case study, Lucy’s behavior in the society has been irresponsible to the extent of her being imprisoned for assault, breach of peace, and shop lifting. Due to her excessive drinking and abuse of drugs, Lucy’s health has deteriorated. Her long term-abusive relationship made her suffer from physical and emotional abuse, hence her diagnosis for personality disorder. Her health and social life need to be repaired. The local mental health team and care managers have taken the responsibility to support her. To these therapists, Sigmund Freud theory has to be applied to her health while Erick Erickson’s theory applied to revive her social behavior.

Freud’s founded psychoanalysis, a method used by therapists in the effective treatment of mental illness. According to Freud, what people undergo during their childhood greatly influence their adult lives, and determines their….Continue Reading….


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