What does Morality mean to you

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What does Morality Mean to you, and how does it Affect your Life?

Morality entails a system of behavior that explains standards of right and wrong behavior about people’s thoughts and actions, and what is good or bad about the nature of human beings. Morality determines what people should do or not do when interacting with one another in the society. Morality explains the concept of moral responsibility about our conscience, moral standards in relation to our behavior, and moral identity about people capable of doing good or bad. Morality affects my life in various ways, and this is the question that the essay will address. Student Preview: Click here to ORDER NOW

Morality influences my everyday choices, and those decisions get directed by my conscience. The learning of moral values enables me decide between the right and wrong. Most people believe that human conscience is a matter of their hearts that defines of wrong, right, and fairness remain programmed in us. Universally, good moral values ensure that people show honesty, integrity, and humanity while making decisions. For example, when a person wrongs me- morality influences my decisions on how to react to him or her. Also important, societal norms, values, and believes influence my moral values. The society is anti-immorality and requires everybody to show discipline and act ethically correct.

Finally, morality influences me in avoiding issues like violence, jealous, cheating, and dishonesty. Also, understanding morality and respecting societal values enables me value good things like regarding women’s rights, peace, and countering child abuse. My moral identity defines who I am in the eyes of our society. Whether people respect or disrespect me, this is the result of my behavior and actions while interacting with people in the society. Therefore, the proper understanding of moral standards has transformed to a responsible individual in the society.

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