Assessment 1- Presentation 

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Assessment 1- Presentation


Assessment 1 requires you are to complete a 5-10 minute presentation analysing a real-life crisis or issue. It also required you to follow with a discussion activity centred on the presentation. It aligns to Subject Intended Learning Outcomes (SILOs):

  1. Apply advanced public relations theories and principles to complex practical ‘day to day’ scenarios.
  2. Plan and implement advanced research projects, read and interpret research data as they apply to public relations campaigns.
  3. Synthesize complex world knowledge with the principles of public relations in order to create effective public relations campaigns.



Presentations must be uploaded to the LMS by 11:55pm, the Sunday of the end of Week 3.

Discussions on presentations must be completed in the LMS by 11:55pm, the Sunday of the end of Week 4.


Step 1 – preparing for your presentation

You are to complete a 5-10 minute presentation analysing a real-life crisis or issue. Your audience in this instance is your class mates and subject facilitator, so a ‘safe’ practice audience!

You can identify your crisis or issue for analysis either by using high-profile issues/crises that have appeared in the media, or through your own experience of organisations you have worked for. Your chosen issue/crisis should have a focus on, or be relevant to, cybersecurity.

Your presentation should include:

  • A summary of the issue and/or crisis being analysed.
  • Who the stakeholders and publics are.
  • How the organisation responsible responded to the issue/crisis.
  • What the outcomes of this response were.
  • How you would have handled this issue or crisis differently.

Your analysis should be supported by the theory we have learnt in class, and properly referenced. You cannot use any of the issue/crisis examples used in the Module 2 case studies (that is, 2016 Census; Ashley Madison Hack; Panama Papers). Assessment 1- Presentation 

Tip: To help you find news articles on your chosen issue/crisis the La Trobe University library has a number of media databases, including Factiva. Instructions for how to use Factiva can be found here:  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


While formulating your report, wherever possible aim to achieve the following criteria:

  • Summarises the crisis or issue and provides related stakeholders and publics detail.
  • Provides detail on how the organisation responsible responded to the issue/crisis and the outcomes of this response.
  • Provides detail on how the issue or crisis could have been handled differently.
  • Further discusses own issue/crisis and others presented issues/crises.
  • Presents in a clear, supported, and appropriate manner.

Please see the Assessment 1 RubricPreview the document for further detail.

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